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Facebook, even for all its faults with data privacy, is one the most amazing ways to target specific locations and interests! Ads on Facebook can be targeted to specific locations, demographics and individual passions. What this means for you is that your advertising dollars have a better chance of reaching the right people in the right location who care about what you have to say!

Get Hyper Focused – Target Your Local Neighborhood 

Social media and local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can work together to help you drive even more of the right people to see you and what you offer. For example, when you run Facebook ads for a certain neighborhood, they will help establish your business as a leading provider in that geographic location.

If you run Facebook ads for a year that use keyword variations including “Stylist West Hollywood” or “West Hollywood Stylist” this will send a message to Google about what you specialize in. Over time, your company’s name will show up higher in Google results when people type in “West Hollywood Stylist.”

Spread the Joy – Share a Coupon

Who doesn’t love a deal? Even better if it’s for the massage therapist around the corner! Everyone loves shopping local and supporting people in the community and sharing a coupon helps to drive immediate action.

In addition to sharing coupons, it’s a great idea to share  the discount via Facebook and take advantage of advanced targeting options. These targeting options will help you to promote your coupon to a specific audience based on the demographics you describe.