What is a Virtual Assistant

What is a Virtual Assistant

There comes a time when you discover that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything necessary to run your small business as well as have time for a personal life. That’s were a Virtual Assistant comes in.

The definition of a Virtual Assistant is a qualified entrepreneur or service who works for you, ready to provide the services you need no matter where you or the assistant lives.

While a lot of global outsourcing goes to Virtual Assistants in countries like India, many VAs are located in the United States and have English as their primary language.  This can be helpful to anyone whose second language is English and they therefore need editing and ghostwriting help from someone whose first language is English.

You will find Virtual Assistants who specialize in answering calls, booking appointments, bookkeeping or transcribing or writing or “all things Internet” as well as many other services.  The big advantage of using a virtual assistant is the fact that virtual assistants use their own equipment, some of which is highly specialized and very expensive.  They use their own office supplies.  You don’t have to pay them for coffee breaks, holidays, payroll taxes, or insurance.  Virtual Assistants are independent contractors.  You only pay them for each project they do for you, and nothing more.

How is CallPiper Serves as Your Virtual Assistant

Forward your phone to your CallPiper number and when a potential customer calls. They get your “professional greeting” & an instant interactive text that starts your conversation. They know you care. They sense you’re there. They stop calling other providers to ENGAGE with YOU.

Callpiper is your superpower to close MORE SALES.

Because online leads GO COLD – fast! Quick response time is essential. And Callpiper is instant.   CallPiper is your virtual assistant for answering calls and automatically responding and capturing criticl customer data to help you avoid time-consuming back and forths. CallPiper is your auto-responder for calls via text!